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Feb 14, 2013 5:00am PST
island and lights on the island. we are told the energy company that supplies to the island is trying to figure out what caused the outage that began at 2:30 this morning so it has been 2 1/2 hours we have a call, now, to see how long it will take to get the power back on for those folks. the cause right now is unknown and being investigated. >> police are talking to witnesses in an effort to find a person who stabbed a san jose team. the victim was stabbed on east julian street next to the campus of san jose high school. he stumbled to north 21st where he died. you can see the taped off area where investigators spent several hours looking for evidence. police have not identified the teen or revealed the cause of the stabbing. >> in gilroy a search is underway if a couple who tried to lure a child into a car. our media partner, the mercury news, reports he was taking out the trash at his home when the incident occurred. the boy notice add tan car parkedded with a woman and man inside and they tried to get his attention but the boy got scared and ran to tell his parents. >> san
Feb 17, 2013 5:00am PST
energy medical attention to the victims. sky 7hd was overhead as crews looked over the boat. known on the ferry was injured. we will bring you up-to-date. >> the damage of the speedboat shows the impact of the accident. as the coast card towed the damaged boat. they showed their video from their phones. >> the first guy was completely not moving. they were doing cpr for a long time. the rescue effort involved emts from the coast guard and a surgeon and nurse who were on the ferry and jumped on the victim's boat to help. the collision occurred after the golden gate ferry ms san francisco was on its way to sausalito to san francisco. the accident happened south of tiburon in the raccoon strait. none of the people on the ferry were hurt. >> we could feel it. the ferry didn't move that much but you could feel it and you heard it. and we came closer we saw two people lying on the boat. >> the coast guard said the bay was calm with ferries normally sailing at 10 to 15 knots. a spokesperson for the transportation district said the small boat was reportedly traveling at a high rate of spee
Feb 18, 2013 5:00am PST
. energy futures are reflecting those concerns. unexpected maintenance going on at refineries. and hurricane sandy caused operational problems in the northeast. we have to switch from winter grid to summer grade and that also costs money. we know we have it here in the bay area. we have it tough but maybe you will feel better. it is worse in los angeles. some gas stations there are charging more than $5 a gallon. maybe that will ease the pain this morning. >> developing news from san jose where police are investigating a chase that ended in the death of a suspect. police say at the state of the chase the driver tried to run down an officer. the crash ended in south san jose. investigators are still there going over the scene and they say it started in the capital expressway area in towers lane where the driver of a dark s.u.v. tried to run over an officer. the officer chased the car to monterey road and it went down an embankment. the drive was killed. two female passengers are expected to survive. >> san francisco fire investigators hope to know what caused a suspicious trier at a
Feb 12, 2013 5:00am PST
manufacturing and education and clean energy and infrastructure, and warn congress to avoid the automatic spending cuts in defense and education scheduled for march 1. avoiding the automatic cuts and adding additional spending would require congressional approval sending him on a collision course with house republicans. >> it is time for washington, dc, literally, to get back to the basics. we cannot continue to spend money we don't have. >> president obama will also elaborate on the big themes from the inaugural speech, immigration, climate change and gun violence. tomorrow he heads to asheville, north carolina, for a speech to workers at an auto parts plant. there will be a 12 bone smokeout. >> they never say when he is coming here, it is secret, but he has been here before. we wait. we wait. >> democrats are placing a big emphasis on gun control, gabrielle giffords will be in the house chamber and the par. s of a slain chicago teen who performed at mr. obama's inauguration, sitting with the first lady. >> before you get away, those guests will remit one side of the argument and there i
Feb 11, 2013 5:00am PST
to private sectors such as energy, finance, and information technology which has cost the economy billions. the administration security standards would be voluntary. >> america will be watching as president obama delivers his state of the union address to a joint session of congress tomorrow night. the president will be raising several key issues in the second term including jobs, the federal budget, gun control, immigration, and climate change. the white house says the president will be focusing on social media to outline the proposals with about 100 people invited to participate online as he wraps up. florida senator rubio will give the republican response to the president's dress. you can watch the state of the union address right here on abc7 and tomorrow going at 6:00 p.m. at >> who is paying more for gas, those in bay area or southern california? >> actions that saved lives in afghanistan. ahead, the top honor being given to a veteran today at the white house. >> a former staff sergeant in the army received the high of the military army for the courageous actio
Feb 13, 2013 5:00am PST
lowering energy use and raising minimum wage saying wages have barely moved and corporate profits have skyrocketed. >> tax cozy that -- code that lowers incentives to move job overseas. that is what tax reform can deliver. that is what we can do together. >> in the republican response, accept rubio of florida said more government will not help people get ahead. >> tax increases and deficit spending you propose will hurt middle class families. it will cost them their races, it will cost their benefits, and may even cost them their jobs. >> speaker boehner says immigration reform is the only item on the president's agenda that has a chance of passing this year. >> facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg can expect unfriendly crowds outside his home today prompting to show up in force outside his palo alto home where he is hosting a fundraiser for new jersey governor chris christie who is seen as being a top representative presidential candidate in 2016. san francisco progressives are angry with christie for cutting millions from women's health services in his state. >> here is another number for you,
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6